A Glimpse of Chasing Butterflies

When I was in grade school, my brothers and I would walk to a park nearby and explore butterflies. Surprisingly, butterflies fly at a constant speed – not as fast as children, but they are catch-able.

That’s what we did. We had a clear mason jar, chased butterflies and placed them into the jar. We would look at them with the curiosity of a child – Why are they colorful? And why do they hang out at the most beautiful places?

Look at their wings. Enjoy the colors. Appreciate their freedom. I named this sticker pack Butterflies. And they are glittered, of course.




Why I Buy Me Flowers

I love childhood stories of prince and princesses. Princes are generally giving, and princesses generally allow love. Fast forward to years later to today, I thought:

Are you happier if you receive flowers or a Chanel bag from a man? Are you happier if you give flowers or a Chanel bag to a woman?

Every morning, unless you live in the country, we see concrete and walls, tall buildings and fast automobiles, brands and more brands. Yet, there are flowers.

Every time a man gives a woman (or another man) flowers, it reaches deep into our hearts, as if something else in it burns – makes it living, alive, on fire. It softens our whole.

Every time I buy me flowers, I am reminded of my own grace. People call it self love. Surrounded by one of the beauties of the world, there is a certain unexplainable delight.

I called it Delightful Flowers.



Seashells and Unicorns

The last time I was at the beach, it was summer, and my friend wanted to visit a dive at Pescadero, a small town right next to a beach with a handful of sea shells. Each one has a different color but I notice a particular green one, and a shiny white one. Besides the sounds one hears from the shells and their beautiful texture, I later learned that each shell represents an unicorn – just like a rhino.

And this Apple iMessage Sticker Pack for iOS10 is named after the sacred geometry of shells and unicorns. It’s called Shell Unicorns.


Since then, I haven’t been to the beach. Yet, I remember very vividly the color of sunset, the shadow it creates on the world around it, the stacking rocks and those that dance on water and the beautiful colors of seashells — and their magic.